Storage Empire

What is Storage Empire?

A mobile garage auction game in which you aspire to be the best auctioneer and a pawn show owner in the world. Quite a challenge!

Auction game based on TV shows: Storage Wars, Pawn Stars and American Pickers*

This is an exciting multiplayer garage auction game inspired by reality TV series like Storage Wars, Pawn Stars, and American Pickers.

It is the number one garage auction and pawn shop owner realistic experience. The only game where you deal with life-like items and real prices.

The most developed auction game

SE holds the record for items (over 1100), collections (about 65), and vehicles (7 types). It contains unique features like The Warehouse, The Pawn Shop, and collections.

A multiplayer auction game

Storage Empire Pawn Shop Wars was the first auction wars game with multiplayer! Try to beat real bidders and pickers or play against canny AI characters. Use CHAT to comment.

1100 items in compartments to discover

All items at garage auction are life-like items of real value. Make use of your life experience to decide: bid or pass! You can also consult all items with experts to determine their market value.

Bid or not to bid? That is the question

The value of those yard sale items varies from 1$ to… you will find out. It’s different in every location. If you don’t see valuable items, it may be better to walk away and not to bid in the auction wars.

65 collections and rising!

Gather up all items to complete a collection and get extra profit. A successful collector levels up quickly. Collections are bonded to a particular location or locations.

7 cars for carrying items

You need a car to carry the items from the auction location to your shop. So get a bigger car to carry more at one time. You will save a lot of time and make things run smoothly. The car moves automatically. You just need to choose the right one. Driving around the country is expensive. The journey cost relies on the distance and fuel economy.

A pawn shop tycoon

All items bought at an auction are sold in your own pawn shop. As in real life, it takes a long time to get your money back. Expand and upgrade the pawn shop to sell faster.

The warehouse — a vital part of the pawn shop

There’s a place in your pawn shop where you keep all the items unloaded from your car. You can leave a few items for later, they will not be sold. It is particularly useful for collecting items. So it’s more than just bidding.

Unlimited levels – win lots of auctions

You need to get a certain number of experience points to level up. Winning auctions, finding rare items, and gathering collections would provide you extra rewards.

The leader board – the best bidder gets a prize!

The leader board reflects your gaming performance in this auction wars game. So far only cash counts. The amount of money invested in either: items, vehicles and the pawn shop has no influence on your position rank.

Free auction game to play

Storage Empire Pawn Shop Wars is a free auction game. However, some additional features require payment. Please note that Storage Empire requires an Internet connection to play.

The power of community

Share with us your best bid wars tactic and your garage sale experience. Visit our website for news, a manual, and item info. Join our auction wars community.

Win storage wars and become the most successful auctioneer in history. The best of all pickers and American pawn shop owners. Start bidding to build your empire!

Coming soon:

The mighty assistant

The assistant is your right-hand man who creates a point of difference for your business. Every auctioneer needs a bit of help sometimes. You can develop your assistant’s skills – marketing, logistics, and management.

*Storage Empire game is inspired by the general idea depicted in TV documentary series. Storage Empire does not contain a reference to characters staring in the series. Igero Wojciech Grabowski is not related in any way to the producers or brand owners of TV documentary series.