Your aim is to become the most successful storage auction buyer in history. To achieve this, you will build the empire containing: a shop, a warhouse and a vehicle fleet. You will attend auctions around the country in pursuit of the best deals. You will be buying and selling life-like items. 



2.1 Dollars ($)

Dollar is the in-game currency. You need $ to buy items at auctions, store improvements and new vehicles. You earn $ when selling items in your shop.

2.2 Gold

Gold is an alternative SE currency. Cars and store upgrades can be purchased either for $ or GOLD. However, some features require GOLD only. These are: a trailer, a replacement car and item's expertise. More gold can be obtained with real money.

2.3 Level

Every time you gather a whole collection, you level up. Then you get your prices. You can choose from: another location, car unlocked, store upgrade unlocked, selling time booster and money.

2.4 Ranking (Rank)

Ranking reflects your gaming performance comparison. So far only $ counts. The amount of money invested in items, vehicles and store has no influence on your position rank. There are basically two numbers you should know. The first one is obviously your position rank. The second number is



There are four auction locations available so far. These are: Chicago, Dallas, New York and Las Vegas. Click on the glowing city icon to join the  auction.

3.1 Subscription

The assistant - your right-hand man creates a point of difference for your business. This is what she does:

  • let you see one more item in the compartment (except for the highest level)
  • evaluates artefacts
  • gives a free trailer
  • negotiates 40% discount on vehicles and store upgrades

At the end of subscrition, it will automatically renew so you will not lose your benefits. You can cancel Storage Empire subscription at any time -  click Sign Out button or simply uninstal the game.



This is where you buy items for re-sale. The only way to get valuable artifacts is to win an auction. It is never easy. The time of auction is variable and lasts 2 minutes in the single player mode, and 3 minutes in multiplayer. 

4.1 Items

In every compartment there are 9 items. Some are hidden. The number of visible items depends on the bidder's experience.  

The value of items varies from 1$ to... you will see. If you don't see valuable items, it may be better to walk away. The value of items rises as you play.

4.2 Evaluation (subscribers only)

On the auction screen below the item you can notice the evaluation. Rememeber: evalaution is never 100% accuracate.

4.3 Expertise

You can always call an expert for help. Click photo of the item to enlarge it, then click the Expert button. The professional will present to you the accurate evaluation of the item. The expertise requires 1 gold.



You need cars to carry your items to the store. You can not have more then one car at the same time. Every car has a capacity number from 1 to 9. The capacity of your vehicle indicates how many items you can take at auction. When you exceed your car capacity, you will not be able to enter another auction for the next hour unless the capacity rises.

5.1 Fuel economy

Driving around the country is expensive. The journey cost relys on the distance and fuel economy.  Every vehicle has a fuel number from 1 do 4. For example a big truck (4) burns four times more fuel then a small hatch-back(1).



This is where you sell your items. To sell items, click "Sell Items" button. As in real life, the selling speed depends on the size and quality of your store. A large and well-equipped store is more efficient than a small one. You will need $ or GOLD for store upgardes.

6.1 Store upgrades

Store improvements increase value of items that store sells at a certain time (items to sell)  So far there are 9 store upgrades available.