How to play Storage Empire?

The quick tutorial in few steps.

1. Step One. Chicago — joining your first auction.

Go to Chicago — tap on the icon! OK. You have joined the auction. It’s on! The 9 squares visible on the screen represent 9 items. You are fighting with other AI bidders for these items. When you gain some experience, you will be able to see more than just one item. Tap the BID button to make a bid. Repeat your bids until you win the auction!

2. Step Two. Winning the auction.

Congratulation! You’ve just won your first auction. The “winning an auction” pop-up appears on the screen. Out of the 9 items that you had won, you can pick those that you like and want to keep. You can take them all if you wish! Items selected will be packed, carried automatically by your car to the shop, and eventually sold there.

3. Step Three. Back to the map.

Have you noticed, that you did not get money straight away? That’s fine. Your items are waiting in packs next to the Chicago icon. Look! A car has left the Shop and is driving towards Chicago! The car took some of your items and is carrying them back to your Shop now. The car has dropped the items in the pawn shop and drove back to Chicago to pick up the rest of your items.

4. Step Four. In the Shop.

Enter the Pawn Shop. Tap on the Shop icon. You are inside your shop, now. To sell your items tap the Sell Items button. A few items have been sold and dollars got into your account. You have just made your first money!

5. Step Five. Joining multiplayer auction.

After winning the second auction in Chicago, Dallas gets unlocked. The new city offers multiplayer auctions. Join it straight away and try your luck with real players or wait for other humans to appear. Meanwhile, you can play in Chicago, there’s no limit on auction.